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  • Why do bedding items need to be changed frequently?

    Most of us are more interested in buying new clothes. Who bought the new clothes and how beautiful they look But not so particular about bedding Often a bed product is not replaced for a long time. In fact, it is the bedding that needs to be replaced most frequently.

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  • 1 hot towel, 6 magical uses

    What are the benefits of hot compress? How to apply heat? Don't need too many complicated methods, a hot towel can let you keep in good health easily!

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  • How to Wash Flax Fabric Nine Techniques of Flax Cleaning
  • Sheet fabric introduction and bed sheet buying tips

    Sheets are one of the bedding products and are an indispensable home textile product on the bed. There are many kinds of bed sheets, there are many kinds of fabrics and colors. What kind of fabric sheets do we choose to be good for the body? The soft dressing exhibition will introduce you to the bed fabrics and purchasing techniques.

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  • What are the benefits of cotton fabrics?
  • Bamboo fiber bedding features, bamboo fiber use benefits

    Bamboo fiber, as its name implies, knows that it is a kind of fiber extracted from bamboo. After processing and refining this fiber, it is made into the bedding we use. It not only has the effect of antibacterial and antimony, but also the bedding made of bamboo fiber. There is also good breathability and water absorption. As a natural plant, bamboo is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also beneficial to the health of the body and skin. So what are the characteristics of bamboo fiber bedding? What are the benefits of bamboo fiber use? We together look! First, the characteristics of bamboo fiber bedding 1. Good hygroscopicity: observed under the electron microscope of 2000 times, the cross section of bamboo fiber

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