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  • Bamboo fiber use benefits

    Bamboo fiber, as its name suggests, knows that it is a kind of fiber extracted from bamboo. After processing and refining this fiber, it is made into the bedding we use. It not only has the effect of antibacterial and antimony, but also the bedding made of bamboo fiber. There is also good breathability and water absorption. As a natural plant, bamboo is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also beneficial to the health of the body and skin. So what are the characteristics of bamboo fiber bedding? What are the benefits of using bamboo fiber? We together look! First, the characteristics of bamboo fiber bedding 1. Good hygroscopicity: observed under the electron microscope of 2000 times, the cross section of bamboo fiber

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  • The sexiest hotel in the world

    What kind of hotel room is the sexiest? If you are thinking of a shameful love hotel, or a fascinating scene like the movie "50 degrees gray", then go on your own. Today, we have to tell you scientifically where these good hotels are sexy.

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