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  • The first thing a child has to learn in the hospital after giving birth is to change the diaper, how to pack a baby and a towel. There are several reasons why a towel is important. In addition to the fact that the self-regulated temperature of the newborn is not complete and the towel is required to provide warmth, the most important thing is to give a sense of security.

    Because the baby was tightly wrapped in the mother's womb for nine months, when she came to this completely strange world, her hands and feet were free for a moment, coupled with the relationship of reflex action, she would often be frightened and unable to Sleep peacefully.

    Therefore, the towel can provide a sense of covering, create a narrow environment like the uterus, and let the baby become familiar with the environment.

    Generally speaking, a bag can be wrapped up to four months old for a baby, but if the baby starts trying to break free of hands or feet or feel uncomfortable, he can start to wrap his body and let his hands and feet move freely, like our baby. Two and a half months began to punch and kick the bag towel. We loosened the bag towel, and she slept better. At this time, we knew that the stage of the bag towel was officially over.
    Or if a baby starts to roll over early, it must not be wrapped again, so as to avoid the danger of suffocation. However, I think that in addition to the above, there is another benefit of wrapping towels. For novice parents who are not very able to hold a baby with a soft neck, wrapping the baby can provide some support, and it will be more stable when holding it. , The hand will not know where to grab it.