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  • Fading and fading of bedding are two problems. Color fading is due to the floating color formed when some dyes are not removed during the printing and dyeing process. After cleaning, the water will have color. Generally speaking, all cotton products will lose some color more or less. Fading means that after the product is cleaned and used, the original bright and dazzling pattern becomes dark and dull, even without color. But these problems are caused by the following three types of problems.



    More than 80% of the bedclothes washed out are mostly caused by detergents. Soap, washing powder, etc. are alkaline detergents. When you put them into the washing machine, they will not be dissolved with water first, resulting in uneven local fading.

    Washing temperature

    Wash at room temperature (the safe temperature is less than 30 degrees), don't be silly and use high temperature to sterilize. High temperature can sterilize, but it will fade the bedding. There are many ways to sterilize. Don't choose this kind of suicide washing. High temperature sterilization is only for hotel white sheets.

    Washing time

    The soaking and washing time should not exceed 30 minutes. If the washing is not clean, it is not my fault. If you don't change the things that sleep on the bed frequently, I can't help it. 

    The sun

    Long exposure

    Because the pigment is oxidized and deteriorated under the action of sunlight and heat, causing permanent fading. Therefore, it is not appropriate to expose yourself to the sun at noon, nor to expose yourself to the sun for too long. It is better to choose the opposite side.


    The bedroom is the sunshine. Now many bedrooms are equipped with floating windows, and the sunlight is easy to shine on the bed of the bedroom. This kind of family should pay attention, and the bedding is likely to fade for this reason. It is suggested to draw the curtains when the sun shines in.

    Don't wash for a long time.

    From a scientific point of view, it should be changed once a week. If you are too busy, you can choose to wash it once half a month. If you don't wash for a long time, it is easy to cause the bedclothes to change color due to personal sweat and other reasons.

    Of course, it also includes the quality problems of the fabric itself, but these problems mainly occur in the cheap wholesale bedding products, and the dyeing of common brand bedding products is within the qualified range.