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  • Cleaning technique 1

    When washing linen clothes, be sure to set the washing machine to "mild washing." If your washing machine can choose the water level, please be sure to choose the maximum water level, which can give your clothes more space to move freely.


    Cleaning technique 2

    Don't wash too many clothes at once, or it may cause your clothes to distort.


    Cleaning technique 3

    If there are clothes made of other materials in the washing machine, make sure their color, weight and washing method are similar to linen clothes.


    Cleaning technique 4

    If washing by hand, be gentle-don't rub or twist your linen clothes. For linen clothes that are not particularly dirty or loosely woven, we usually recommend hand washing, which can completely avoid the possibility of being washed out by the washing machine.


    Cleaning tips 5


    Linen clothes and linen home textiles must be washed with cold or warm water-not ice or hot water.


    Cleaning technique 6

    Linen fabrics can only be washed with mild detergent and ensure there is no detergent residue before drying.


    Cleaning technique 7

    If your linen clothes have been pre-washed in the production process (you can check their labels before buying clothes, which will have instructions on this), then it can be completely dried by a dryer. Just set the dryer at a low temperature and throw the linen clothes into the dryer while they are still slightly wet.


    Cleaning tips 8

    When drying linen clothes, try to keep the surface smooth. Clothes hangers or clothes clips may leave marks on clothes and may also cause deformation of clothes.


    Cleaning tips 9

    If your linen clothes need ironing, please iron them while they are still slightly wet.