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  • Beds have the best time.

    All bedding items, such as kits, quilts, pillow cores, etc., will have aging functions after use for a period of time, such as fabric thinning, yellowing, easy tearing, dim color, hard caking, loss of elasticity of filling materials, reduction of warmth retention, reduction of comfort level and other problems. At this time, it is necessary to consider replacing new bedding items.

    Based on the needs of health and hygiene

    In family life, whether it is pillows or quilts, it is easy to breed harmful microorganisms such as mites and bacteria over a long period of time. Serious diseases can also cause respiratory diseases such as allergy and asthma. Some chemical fiber pillow inner and quilt core bacteria grow very fast, and it is horrible to change them not often. Therefore, it is necessary to change them frequently for the health of oneself and family members.

    Reasons for Regulating Psychological Emotion

    Psychologically speaking, the harmony between the local decoration of the home environment and the overall style has a great impact on the psychological activities of the human body, and reasonable allocation can make people happy in body and mind and happy in life. Changing clothes or hairstyles can adjust one's mood. Similarly, changing bedding frequently can also adjust one's psychological mood.

    Make life at home look brand-new.

    Although there is no way to change the decoration of home space, bedding can play a role in embellishing and adjusting the home atmosphere. If the bedroom you sleep in has the two sets of changed bedding all the year round, it must be a lack of interest in life. Therefore, try to change the bedding frequently, and you will find that different scenes are also interesting.

    Requirements for Changes in Different Seasons

    With the change of seasons, we should choose bedding suitable for the current season. For example, if we sweat easily in summer, we need breathable and hygroscopic quilts, such as silk quilts, tencel fabrics and visually refreshing kits. In winter, you can use brushed fabric and warm color bedding.